Diane and Nathan, Ecologists at Greenlight, have attended a Level 2 Bat Licence Training Course provided by Insight Ecology to gain further skills and knowledge on bat identification and handling.

The course covered a range of topics including safely and competently capturing bats using a hand-net, handling and processing bats, identifying species, sex, age and reproductive status, investigating roosting features using an endoscope, and knowing which actions can or cannot be undertaken under a Level 2 bat survey licence. These skills are vital for ecologists, especially when conducting watching briefs, bat box and hibernation checks, and investigating crevices or other potential roosting features in buildings and trees affected by development works.

During this course, Diane and Nathan had the opportunity to handle and process several bats including common, soprano and Nathusius’ pipistrelles, brown long-eared bats and Natterer’s. They thoroughly enjoyed the course and have gained confidence in handling and identifying bats. Both Diane and Nathan are hoping to obtain their Level 2 bat survey Licence from Natural England, and be involved in future bat related projects to further progress their skills.

Bat training courseBrown long-eared bat - Bat training course

Brown long-eared bat - Bat training course