Diane, one of the ecologists at Greenlight has attended a hazel dormouse training course, which was provided by Dr. Simone Bullion from the Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

The course included a presentation on dormice ecology and surveying techniques, followed by a field work session. During this session, the participants were able to practice identifying dormice footprints using a new survey method – footprint tunnels. The attendees were also trained in searching for natural nests and opened nuts. This practical session allowed participants to gain further experience and confidence in identifying hazel dormice signs using various survey methods. On this occasion, the group found some old dormice hibernation nests beneath the leaf litter, which was very existing as these are usually quite hard to spot!

The course was very interesting and brought many recent findings to light. Diane gained valuable knowledge from this course and learnt a lot about dormouse behaviour, habitat requirements and factors influencing surveys.

For more information on hazel dormouse and their ecology, please visit the Suffolk Wildlife Trust fact page.

Greenlight has experience with conducting dormouse surveys and appropriate mitigation works. Please click here for more information on dormouse surveys or the ecology services we offer. If you require a quote, need further explanation or have any questions, please contact us by clicking here.

hazel dormouse training coursedormouse nestdormouse hibernation nest

dormouse nest