Diane, one of the ecologists at Greenlight attended the Suffolk Mammal Conference held near Ipswich on 24th February.

The event gathered a large number of wildlife enthusiasts as well as several local organisations involved in the study and the protection of the environment. The conference focused on the challenges faced by mammals today, the recent findings from local researchers, the efforts put in place locally to protect these species, and further mammal related topics.

A total of eleven talks, presented by specialists in their field, were given through the course of the day. The topics ranged from the potential of using drones to monitor bats, to Post Brexit legislative implications for mammals, and to wildlife crime. A lot of interesting subjects were covered, and the event provided the opportunity to speak to a wide range of other professionals and volunteers involved in the conservation of biodiversity.

Several stalls where participants could find out about local groups and how to get involved were present. Diane got in touch with the local badger group and hopes to be involved in surveys conducted throughout Suffolk this summer.

Greenlight has experience conducting surveys for a range of mammal surveys including for bats, badgers, dormice and water voles. Please click here for more information on the ecology services we offer. If you require a quote, need further explanation or have any questions, please contact us by clicking here.

Suffolk Mammal Conference Suffolk Mammal Conference

If you are interested in joining the Suffolk Naturalists’ Society, or would like more information on the group, please click here.