The team at Greenlight has a range of expertise in landscape and ecology.

We have surveyors based throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent to provide a cost-effective service, by reducing time to travel to project sites. At the same time, we keep the team fairly small and operate from a low cost base to give our clients the best value for money.

All assignments are managed centrally and under close supervision, with an established quality management system in place.

The majority of our ecologists are members of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

team-etienneEtienne Swarts, Managing Director

Etienne has been working in the professional services industry for many years and drives the team to ensure that Greenlight provides the highest quality work to tight timescales.

Etienne has particular expertise in landscape, bats, reptiles, amphibians and birds. Etienne is a LANTRA qualified tree inspector and tree climber using ropes, and holds Natural England bat, great crested newt and hazel dormouse licences.

In his spare time, Etienne is a bird ringer and assists in various bat and barn owl voluntary projects.


Deborah Girling, Operations Director

Deborah keeps everyone on their toes and checks the quality of all work before it is issued to clients. Deborah has worked in professional services for over 20 years and has a particular interest in landscape aspects of the environment. Deborah is an AMPG Agile Project Management Practitioner.

Jo Wild, Consultant Landscape Architect

Jo has worked as a landscape designer since 2010, having previously worked as a gardener-horticulturalist and planning co-ordinator within a multidisciplinary consultancy. Since qualifying with a MA in Landscape Architecture from Writtle College, Jo has designed hard and soft works schemes for large housing developments, a new biodiversity park for a small country town and community gardens. Additionally, Jo has completed landscape assessments for residential developments and solar farms, extending to Landscape Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) level of reporting. Jo’s interests in ecology and trees informs all of her designs and brings understanding to the wider ecological issues within landscape assessment.

Diane Megias, Ecologist

Diane is a University of Kent graduate with a B.Sc Honors Degree in Wildlife Conservation. She has a broad range of ecological skills, having worked as an Assistant Ecologist and Environmental Education Assistant where she has conducted various mammal, bird, amphibian and invertebrate surveys and monitoring. Diane has worked for the National Trust for Scotland as a Bat Conservation Apprentice, regularly conducting surveys and analysing data. She holds a Natural England level 1 bat licence and a Scottish Natural Heritage bat licence.

Nathan Duszynski, Ecologist

Nathan is a University of Reading postgraduate with a M.Sc in Species Identification and Surveying, and an Aberystwyth University graduate with a B.Sc Honors Degree in Zoology. Having worked as an Assistant Ecologist he has conducted various protected species surveys for great crested newts, reptiles, barn owls, hazel dormice, badgers and bats. Nathan holds a Natural England great crested newt licence, a level 1 bat licence and is working towards obtaining a hazel dormouse licence.

Evi Bevans, Assistant Ecologist

Evi is a recent University of East Anglia graduate with a B.Sc Honors Degree in Environmental Sciences. Evi has conducted bird surveys and education sessions for the RSPB. As an assistant ecologist, Evi will be further improving her ecology knowledge by assisting with bat surveys, sound analysis and report writing are all beneficial in helping Evi work towards obtaining a bat license.


Rachel Coombes, Consultant Ecologist

Rachel is an experienced field ornithologist and ecologist based in north Suffolk. She has over ten years experience working in the environmental sector.

Specialising in on and off-shore ornithological surveys, Rachel also has experience of reptile and water vole surveys and has an extensive knowledge of British wildlife. She is experienced in winter bird surveys, wader counts, gull counts, vantage point surveys and single species surveys such as Marsh Harrier, bittern and black redstart.

Rachel is a JNCC accredited European Sea Bird at Sea (ESAS) Surveyor and JNCC Marine Mammal Observer.


Ben Hogben, Consultant Arboriculturist

Ben is a “degree qualified” Chartered Forester with over 25 years of experience of advising on farm woodland and tree management in Norfolk. Ben spent over 12 years of those years with Norfolk County Council as Forestry Officer, inspecting trees publicly owned trees and as the main contact in Norfolk for the Anglian Woodland Project. He has since held a diverse range of roles including the management of the Centre of Vocational Excellence project for Easton & Otley College, the delivery of the Landskills East Monitoring Project for Lantra Sector Skills Council, and recently as Woodland Officer for the Forestry Commission. He is a SFEDI accredited Farm Business Adviser and an experienced arboriculturist. He specialises in all aspects of tree and farm woodland survey and management, landscape conservation and skills development.


Guillermo Sanchez, Consultant Graphic Designer

Sanchez has been working as a freelance graphic designer for over 3 years since he graduated from University College Falmouth in 2010 with a degree in 3D Design for sustainability. His broad graphic capabilities allow him to take in a wide array of work from the Planning, Ecology and Landscape sectors. This work includes visuals & photomontages through to graphic packages for EIA’s & technical drawings. His ethos is learning by doing, and by doing it well.

Sanchez is based in the heart of Bristol.


Teasel, Office Stress Buster

Teasel provides therapy, in times of stress in the office, by giving us something to stroke to relieve tension.

But, of course, almost all of the time we are entirely calm, collected and in full control of all challenges thrown at us.