At Greenlight we advise on all aspects of ecology, the landscape and arboriculture for renewable energy projects.

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At Greenlight we advise on all aspects of ecology, landscape and arboriculture for renewable energy projects. In the renewables industry our work includes advising on a wide range of projects such as energy storage systems, biomass boiler installations, anaerobic digesters, single and multiple wind turbine installations and photovoltaic solar farms.

Examples of our renewable energy project involvement include:

Energy storage systems

We have advised on the ecology, landscape and arboriculture aspects of a wide range of energy storage systems, which manage peak power demand with large-scale rechargeable batteries. These installation projects have been located across England and Wales and in excess of ten projects have been granted planning permission with our consultation support.

Turbine Installation

Our turbine installation projects range from small 5kW projects to major 20mW projects. Using our species expertise, we conducted surveys for bats, protected birds, badgers and water vole. Typically our ecological assessments for such projects include a desk based study of protected sites and species records, an assessment of habitats present, and field surveys to determine if protected species are present. We recommend mitigation options to assist the developer in achieving low impacts on wildlife where possible.

Landscape Assessment

Our landscape experience includes landscape and visual impact assessments for renewable installations which may have a visual impact, such as energy storage systems, wind turbines and solar farms. These developments often create opportunities for improving the landscape and we design landscape proposals to reduce the visual impact of the development to an acceptable level. Through best practice techniques for photomontages and visualisations, we are able to demonstrate that the potential visual impact on nearby receptors would reduce significantly after allowing for planting around the site.

Anaerobic digester (“AD”) units

We have advised on a number of AD units, which are often located adjacent to existing agricultural infrastructure. We advise on the ecology, landscape and arboricultural aspects of the projects, and have worked on projects based in Norfolk, Wales and the north of England.

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