These are the main biodiversity appraisal services that we offer, but we would be very happy to discuss your requirements outside these categories.

If you need further explanation or have any questions, please Contact us.

Biodiversity reviews involve a visit to the development site and an assessment of the likelihood of protected species being present. We conduct desk based assessments using biological records for protected species from the local county records office, and other mapping software from government websites.

Field surveys are conducted if necessary. We employ the survey methods appropriate to each relevant species, and which are generally accepted as current best practice.

A report is produced to provide an overview of the site’s biodiversity and the ecological impact of the development. We make recommendations to enhance a site’s biodiversity value. This supports a developer’s compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework and the government circular 06/05: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation – Statutory Obligations and Their Impact within the Planning System, which accompanied Planning Policy Statement 9.

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