These are the main protected species survey services that we offer, but we would be very happy to discuss your requirements outside these categories.

If you need further explanation or have any questions, please Contact us.

We undertake surveys for a range of protected species, including:

Our bat surveys are carried out with state of the art Anabat and Song Meter 2 bat detectors which record bat echolocation sounds. We use sound analysis software for identification to species level and can provide multiple detectors to monitor a range of locations, including long-term monitoring. Our infra-red camera equipment accurately records the number of bats that use a roost and pinpoints the exact point where bats access their roost. This is invaluable information for a site where a European Protected Species mitigation licence is required.

All species surveys are carried out to methods which are generally accepted as current best practice. We document survey results using bespoke and pre-designed templates to ensure a complete audit trail and excellent record-keeping.

Our surveyors operate under the relevant Natural England species survey licences.

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Brown long-eared bat protected species surveys