These are the main landscape services we offer, but we would be very happy to discuss your requirements outside these categories.




We have surveyors based throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire to provide cost-effective surveys.

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Landscape surveys may be required by planning authorities where a proposed development may have a visual impact on the surrounding scenery. For more information, please click on the headings below.


Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (“LVIA”)

We are experienced in assessing the effects of developments on the landscape and the visual environment for a range of different projects, many in the renewable energy sector. We appraise impacts based on the latest guidance from the Landscape Institute (LI) and the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), taking into account all relevant government policies and guidelines.

Our Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments start with a thorough desk top study of the baseline (existing) condition, including assessing the Zones of Theoretical Visibility of projects, which are produced by our team using the latest software. We then use our field work to verify the findings, prior to assessing the landscape and visual effects (both on the site and the wider character) of the project to identify sensitive receptors.

We provide recommendations to sensitively mitigate these identified effects, helping to fit the development more easily into the landscape. These recommendations often also provide biodiversity enhancements, and assist the developer in supporting the National Planning Policy Framework. We produce Planting strategy plans of a high standard to illustrate the proposals, which can also be used for publicity material.

To help you and all the other stakeholders to envisage the project, both in its initial stages, but also after mitigation, visualisations are prepared using computer models of the proposed development. These show the baseline situation, the proposed development and the mitigation proposals where applicable. These visualisations are developed based on the Landscape Institute advice for photography and photomontage.

Landscape and Planting Design

We offer a landscape and planting design service which is based on sound ecological principles and best practice, while bringing tangible benefits to the stakeholders.

Our sustainable design solutions for both hard and soft landscaping, include techniques such as SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) and permeable drainage where appropriate, as well as the development of green roofs. Each soft landscaping design, specifically tailored to the location, brings Green Infrastructure into the site – from making the best and most sustainable use of land, to mitigating the effects of a changing climate – while making essential connections to the wider Green Infrastructure network beyond. Our schemes innovatively use our comprehensive plant knowledge to produce BREEAM and ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ complaint specifications. Specific species habitat creation and regeneration are undertaken, drawing on both our ecology and landscape architecture skills.

There are compelling economic, social and environmental reasons for investing in the landscape. The Landscape Institute in Why Invest in Landscape? (click here to download the PDF) highlights several case studies that have demonstrated many benefits including:

  • Creating spaces that users can connect with both physically and emotionally – leading to benefits for local businesses such as increased footfall and time spent.
  • Focusing attention on the value of the built and natural environment in the regeneration process.
  • Delivering reduced development costs through the intelligent use of existing landscape features and the imaginative disposal/incorporation of construction waste.
  • Realising increased saleability and rentability of both private housing and commercial property.
  • Optimising the full development potential of a given location.

Sensitive landscaping designs turn outside spaces, whether immediately surrounding buildings or further from them, into places where living or working becomes a delight.

By involving us in the early stages of the project, and using the assessment as a tool for strategic decision-making, costly delays and challenges during the planning process are able to be anticipated, and action can therefore be taken to avoid them.


Landscape Design