High-Tech Greenhouses Now Under Construction in East Anglia

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High-Tech Greenhouses Now Under Construction in East Anglia

Over the past 3 years, Greenlight have worked with Low Carbon Farming on the planning and development phases of 70 acres of high-tech greenhouses.

Low Carbon Farming High-Tech Greenhouses

These greenhouses are a world-first in capturing waste heat from the nearby water treatment works and injecting it into the greenhouses via ground source heat pumps. Electricity for the ground source heat pumps will be provided by the grid and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units.

High-Tech Greenhouses Planned Visual

Fossil fuels are commonly used as a source of heat, so this is an effective method that consequently reduces the project’s carbon emissions. Such CHP’s also have the added benefit of providing waste heat which further supplements the greenhouse heating and provides carbon dioxide to enrich the atmosphere inside the greenhouse which encourages plant growth.

As a result, there is estimated to be 10 times less water usage than field farming, no wastage at all thanks to water recirculation, and 75% less carbon footprint for fresh produce. All the while, these greenhouses will be capable of producing 12% of the UK’s tomatoes!

Greenlight Environmental’s Involvement

One greenhouse is located at The Crown Point Estate, Norwich and the other in Ingham, Bury St. Edmunds. We provided pre-planning ecology, landscape and arboricultural surveys for the sites, including visualisations of the proposals and design of the landscaping and planting.

High-Tech Greenhouses Planned Visual

The construction is currently underway at both locations and we will also be providing ongoing advice during the production of the schemes. We take huge pride in being part of the world’s first project for heating greenhouses and helping our world become more sustainable by reducing its carbon footprint wherever we can.

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