Residential Development on Land North of Hemsby Road, Martham

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Residential Development on Land North of Hemsby Road, Martham

A project that has recently received planning permission, Greenlight worked on a residential development with Alfred Charles Homes Ltd.

All About the Proposed Residential Development

The plan is to develop 112 dwellings alongside vehicular access to Hemsby Road, secondary emergency access, landscaping, open space and associated infrastructure. Amongst the 112 dwellings, there will be a mix of two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom apartments and houses, across four character areas.

Comprised of 4.7 hectares of arable land, grassland and woodland copse within the East Flegg Settled Farmland, the proposed development would be surrounded by open spaces. In addition to providing surface water attenuation and ecological functions, these spaces will also emulate the character of the Conservation Area and create attractive scenery.

Although the site is largely defined by mature hedging, trees and scrub, it is proposed to incorporate a significant level of tree, hedgerow and shrub planting throughout the site to enhance the landscape and biodiversity quality further. This includes a new orchard area, 94 new heavy standards, and over 250 metres of hedgerow. Additional biodiversity enhancements will include the provision of a number of bat and bird boxes.

Landscape Design Work by Greenlight

As you can see, the landscape of the proposed development played a significant role within the planning and so, we provided the landscape design work. An assessment revealed that the site is within an area that has weak sense of place, very low landscape sensitivity, and low landscape value.

Therefore, the existing boundary planting will remain, but also enhanced with over 335 metres of mixed native species hedge planting. This will help to screen the site and filter views and create biodiversity corridors. Tree and shrub planting will be undertaken to create an attractive streetscene and attract wildlife.

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