Why Are Wintering Bird Surveys Important?

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Why Are Wintering Bird Surveys Important?

Many birds only visit the UK during Autumn and Winter, relying on our environment for shelter from adverse weather conditions and a stable source of food. It’s vital that we protect the habitats and food sources of these birds, just as we do for birds that visit the UK during the Spring and Summer months or those that reside here permanently by carrying out wintering bird surveys. 

What is a Wintering Bird Survey?

Winter bird surveys are carried out to assess the location of food sources for bird species that typically only visit the UK during the autumn and winter months, and to establish whether any proposed development projects would put them at risk. 

Using the information collected in the surveys, measures can be put in place to mitigate the risk of damage to wintering bird habitats and food sources. 

Some birds that visit the UK during Winter include fieldfares, redwings and bramblings. 

When are Wintering Bird Surveys Carried Out? 

Winter bird surveys take place over four months, usually from November through to February. Each month, surveyors will visit the location to observe the proposed development site, the bird species present and their behaviour. 

Although November tends to mark the start of winter bird surveys, sufficient time should be allowed for planning and research, so it’s important that anyone who needs wintering bird surveys gets in touch prior to when the optimal survey time begins (November to February). 

Ecological Surveys from Greenlight Environmental Consultancy 

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