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Construction Projects

At Greenlight, our construction portfolio contains a wide variety of projects that stretch across the country.

From major housing schemes and infrastructure projects, through to barn conversions and extensions to existing dwellings at the smaller scale, our skills and expertise are flexible to meet whatever sized project.

Previous Construction Projects

New Housing Developments

Previously, we have been asked to provide site ecology services and ecological clerks of works duties for major constructions and developments. When it comes to large-scale projects, the likelihood of affecting protected species, like great crested newts, is very probable – This is where we come in.

If your project takes place in the vicinity of breeding ponds and general habitats, we can ensure it can continue to progress as smoothly as possible with our range of ecological surveys and assessments. We can also provide appropriate mitigation to reduce the impacts and obtain the necessary licences from Natural England to enable building works to start.

Barn Conversions

Older, more derelict buildings commonly contain protected species such as bats and barn owls. This is why we have been asked to take part in wide range of barn conversions, in order to maintain these species’ protection.

Our surveys and assessments not only help identify if the species are present, but also inform the kind of mitigation required to ensure the population is unaffected. Additionally, we guarantee the correct National England licencing procedures are also followed before construction.

Building Bridges

For a major bridge building project, we undertook bat surveys to assess which species were using the river as a commuting and foraging route, and in what numbers. We surveyed the railway bridge using the latest infra-red camera technology to determine if bats were roosting in the bridge structure. This approach helped the client to reduce costs significantly, owing to the difficulties in gaining access to the railway at trackside. We can do this for you too.

No Project Too Big or Too Small

No matter the project size, we provide advice and on-site mitigation to minimise risks to wildlife and enhance the site’s biodiversity where feasible.

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