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Renewable Energy Projects

At Greenlight, we are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices and are proud to say that we have worked on a number of renewable energy projects. From solar farms and wind turbines to other energy storage systems and biomass boiler installations, we’ve worked on a variety of eco-friendly and environmental developments.

Previous Renewable Energy Projects

Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems are designed to provide real-time grid stabilisation to the local area, allowing excess electricity generated from a variety of renewable and conventional sources to be stored in the batteries during times of low demand. This stored capacity can then be fed back into the grid during times of peak demand, which can coincide with times of low generation (early mornings and evenings).

The Greenlight team have helped a huge number of projects across the country get planning permission granted with our consultation support. We have advised on the ecology, landscape and arboriculture aspects of energy storage systems in Kent, Surrey, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Flintshire, totalling 200MWp capacity of energy storage.

Single & Multiple Wind Turbine Installations

Our turbine installation projects range from small 5kW projects to major 20mW projects. Using our species expertise, we have conducted surveys for bats, birds, badgers, and water voles.

Typically, our ecological assessments for such projects include a desk-based study of protected sites and species records, an assessment of habitats present, and field surveys to determine if protected species are present. We recommend mitigation options to assist the developer in achieving low impacts on wildlife where possible.

Anaerobic Digester (“AD”) Units

Anaerobic digester units, also known as biogas reactors or biodigesters, use the process of fermentations to break down organic matter from animals, plants, or sewage in order to both manage waste and produce fuel (biogas).

Often located adjacent to existing agricultural infrastructure, we have supported many AD units based in Norfolk, Wales, and the north of England. We have advised on the ecology, landscape and arboricultural aspects of the projects.

Photovoltaic Solar Farms

Greenlight have provided the landscape and visual impact advice for many photovoltaic solar farms. We have seen many instances where the developments would actually enhance the site’s biodiversity and landscape features, as well as provide local electricity needs and save significant carbon dioxide emissions.

Encouraging Conservation with Our Clients

Over the years, we have conducted landscape and visual impact assessments for renewable installations which may visually impact the environment. During this, we design landscape proposals to demonstrate the reduced visual impact of the development after allowing for planting around the site.

Find out more about our landscape surveys, our renewable energy case studies or more information by getting in touch with us today.