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Landscape Surveys

If you have a proposed development project, landscape surveys may be required by planning authorities due to potential visual impact on surrounding landscapes.

At Greenlight, we have experience with a range of projects, from barn conversions through to major housing developments. Every consultant is professionally trained, and our focus is predominantly on Landscape & Visual Assessments and Landscape & Planting Designs.

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Landscape Assessments >

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Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (“LVIA”)

The Greenlight team are experienced in assessing the effects of a range of developments on the landscape and visual environment. Our assessments are based on the latest guidance from the Landscape Institute (LI) and the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), whilst also taking into account all relevant government policies and guidelines.

Our LVIA’s are produced using the latest software, so we can help you visualise the project in its initial stages, as well as after mitigation. These visualisations are developed based on the Landscape Institute advice for photography and photomontage and will effectively envisage any recommendations we provide. Not only do we offer solutions to help fit the development into the landscape, but we also provide biodiversity enhancements and assist the developer in supporting the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Landscape Assessments (“LA”)

Landscape Assessments are a scaled down version of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments. The main aim of LA’s are to provide an assessment of the site within the context of the surrounding area. In our reports, we provide a detailed assessment of the existing condition, including:

  • Topography
  • Vegetation cover
  • Land uses
  • Site visibility
  • Landscape character
  • Other relevant designations

We then provide recommendations for proposed mitigation treatment to minimise visual impact. Additionally, at Greenlight, we also provide biodiversity enhancements and assist the developer in supporting the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Landscape & Planting Design Service

In addition to Landscape Assessments, we also offer a Landscape & Planting Design service. Our Greenlight team produce planting strategy plans of the highest standard to illustrate the proposals which, in turn, can be used for publicity material. This service is based on sound ecological principles and best practice, whilst bringing tangible benefits to stakeholders.

We provide sustainable design solutions for a range of projects featuring both hard and soft landscaping. Each design is specifically tailored to the location and every effort is made to bring Green Infrastructure onto the site. Whether it’s the best and most sustainable use of land, mitigating the effects of a changing climate, or creating and regenerating specific species habitat creation, we strive to make essential connections to the wider Green Infrastructure network.

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Greenlight Environmental Landscape Surveys

By involving us in the early stages of your proposed development and using landscape assessments as a tool for strategic decision-making, you can avoid costly delays and other challenges during the planning process.

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