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Ecology Surveys

Planning authorities require ecology surveys when a proposed development may impact wildlife as this allows them to make an informed decision regarding the development’s effect on biodiversity.

At Greenlight, we have experience in a wide range of ecological surveys and with a variety of developments. Our surveyors hold a variety of Natural England Species Survey Licences and have extensive knowledge in conducting a wide range of protected species surveys.

Protected Species Surveys

Protected species surveys can be required if preliminary surveys have identified habitats on site and potential detrimental impacts on protected species from the proposed works. Our professional surveyors hold Natural England species survey licences and have extensive experience to conduct a wide range of Protected Species Surveys including:

We conduct all our protected species ecology surveys in accordance with the current best practice standards and survey guidelines. At Greenlight, we document results using bespoke and pre-designed templates to ensure a complete audit trail and reliable record-keeping.

Natural England (European Protected Species) Mitigation Licences

Mitigation Licences from Natural England are required when activities which are expected to have an impact on a Protected Species cannot be avoided. If the works were conducted without a licence, it would constitute an offence.

The Greenlight team is experienced in applying for Natural England Mitigation Licenses for badgers, bats, great crested newts and water voles. We are proud to have a proven track record of successful applications and always work in close consultation with our clients to ensure the mitigation strategy can be tailored to the project.

To find out more about mitigation used for obtaining a Natural England Mitigation Licence, contact our team today.

Ecology Consultancy

Greenlight can also offer impact assessments and ecological method statements, to complete the set for proposed works.

Greenlight Environmental Ecology Consultancy

We are able to assist with ecological surveys before, during and after development. Our experience and expertise allow us to adapt to any sized project and consistently deliver the same reliable results and guidance.

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